Suing for a Dog Bite

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When you think of things you fear in this world, dogs are probably not high on your list. Some people do have a fear of dogs, and for good reason. Though dogs aren’t killing people by the thousands in the United States, dog bites, injuries, and even deaths do occur. It could happen to you; if you are bitten by a dog, you could suffer a lot.

For example, the dog bite could cause damage to skin, muscle, and nerves. Depending on where you’re bitten, vital organs or body systems could be negatively impacted. A dog bite can be serious, and you could seek justice for what you went through.

Justice in Illinois talked with a Boston personal injury lawyer, who is known to help dog bite victims. They said suing for a dog bite is your right and you could receive financial compensation for all you have suffered.

Why Sue for a Dog Bite?

There are several good reasons to sue for a dog bite: 

  1. Your suit could cause the dog owner to think twice before letting their dog off leash. They might learn to be a more responsible pet owner, which could prevent others from being harmed. 
  2. Your claim could bring you justice and closure, which could help you move past this experience. 
  3. You could receive monetary compensation to pay for all of the losses the dog bite brought you.

Losses from a Dog Bite

There are many negative issues that people experience from dog bite injuries. For instance, a dog bite could require expensive medical care. You will have to pay for that medical care out of your own pocket, unless you receive a financial award from a successful lawsuit.

In addition to medical expenses, you could be dealing with lost income. Your injury probably made you miss time from work. If your injury is especially serious, you might not be able to return to work for a long time. You deserve to be compensated for that lost income.

What about the scary experience itself? What about the gruesome scar you are now living with? Don’t you deserve to be compensated for those losses, too?

You can only be compensated for all of your losses through a successful injury claim. 

Justice in Illinois: Always Here for You

Suing for a dog bite could be a good option for you. Check back in with Justice in Illinois for more information related to obtaining justice when you’ve been wronged.