Understanding Who Could Be Liable for Nursing Home Abuse

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There are two things that most people in the world agree is wrong: harming children and harming elderly adults. These populations can’t protect themselves. Elder abuse happens more often than people realize. 

It’s completely upsetting when you find out that someone you love has been abused in a nursing home. You may feel powerless because you weren’t able to prevent the abuse. You aren’t powerless. You can fight back against those who hurt your loved one. You can get justice for your beloved family member.

What is Nursing Home Abuse?

When elders live in a nursing home, they rely on others for their care, protection, and shelter. When those who are charged with protecting an elder harm them instead, that behavior is known as elder abuse. There are many different types of elder abuse. 

For instance, when someone physically abuses an elder, that abuse is known as physical abuse. Physical abuse can include hitting, scratching, punching, slapping, pinching, or shaking.

Other types of nursing home abuse include the following:

  • Neglect and mistreatment
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Emotional and mental abuse

Who Could Be Liable for Nursing Home Abuse?

Many different people could be liable for nursing home abuse, and sometimes more than one party could be liable. For instance, if a staff member who works at the nursing home abuses an elder, the nursing home and the staff member could be liable.

When you know who is liable for your loved one’s abuse, you can hold them legally accountable through a personal injury claim.

Here are some more examples of parties that could be liable for your loved one’s abuse:

  • Nursing home
  • Nursing home workers
  • Other residents at the nursing home
  • Contract workers
  • Medical professionals

To prove liability, you will need to collect evidence that proves what happened. You could use your loved one’s account of the abuse as well as other witness statements for evidence. You could also use documentation, photo evidence, video evidence, and any other type of evidence that proves the abuse your loved one went through.

Check Back in with Justice in Illinois

No one should ever suffer from nursing home abuse. Now that you know about it, maybe you could act before it happens to someone you love. If your loved one has already been abused, remember that you have the right to file a nursing home abuse claim to receive justice and monetary compensation.