What Will My Personal Injury Settlement Pay For?

Injury accidents cause a tremendous amount of upset in a person’s life. There you were, just walking down the street on your way to your favorite coffee shop when you fell into a manhole and came face to face with Pennywise. You escaped his teeth, but instead ended up with a broken leg and some cuts and lacerations.

You needed medical treatment, and right now you are holding a medical bill you can’t afford to pay. Why should you have to pay for it? You didn’t leave that manhole open, and Pennywise sure isn’t going to have insurance. Who is going to pay you a settlement, and what all does your settlement pay for?

Who Is Liable when You’ve Been Injured?

Liability can be tricky to figure out and prove. First, you must figure out what caused your accident. In our example, it was the open manhole that wasn’t barricaded. Was it your fault that you fell down the manhole? Not likely, because you can reasonably expect manholes to be covered at all times, unless there is a sign or barricade around them while someone is using them. 

So who is at fault for your accident? It could be a negligent construction company that left the manhole uncovered. It could be a government-run agency, which means the government could be liable for your damages. You will need to gather some evidence that shows the cause of the accident, such as photos of the unbarricaded manhole and of your broken leg. 

And of Pennywise’s teeth—you know, to prove he was down there.

What Does Your Settlement Pay For?

So, you’ve been injured in the fall down into the manhole. You are dealing with expensive medical bills and probably lost wages due to your accident. You have suffered emotional and mental trauma from the fall and from your encounter with a terrifying clown. Who is going to pay for all of these damages?

Does your settlement pay for every accident-related loss you experienced? Yes, it should pay for all of your losses. If you had to pay for physical therapy expenses due to your accident, those should be included in your claim. If you had to seek mental health treatment because of your accident, you can add that to your claim.

Any financial and non-financial loss you sustained could be included in your settlement amount. Here is a list of common damages in personal injury accidents.

  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost income and lost earning potential
  • Mental suffering and costs of treatment
  • Lost life enjoyment
  • Property damage
  • Permanent injury or disability
  • Scarring/disfigurement

Do You Need Help Winning a Settlement? 

If you live in Utah, it’s standard practice when filing an injury claim to work with a Salt Lake City personal injury lawyer. Lawyers know how to win you the settlement you need. They know how to gather evidence and put your case together in the most convincing way possible, and they know how to calculate your claim’s value. 

You didn’t want to be injured, but now you know that you can receive compensation for your injuries and for your damages.